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Good food, good mood is the motto I live by.

I believe in this whole-heartedly because for me cooking is not only my profession, it's a passion, and an undeniable part of my being. My love for tastebud-tingling excitement took over my life 10 years ago. Since then, I have catered for baby and bridal showers, at-home private dinner parties, and any other event I could find to share my passion with others.

I started this company on my own after I gained confidence in this part of myself. Especially after seeing my clients' appreciation for the flavor and variety in my recipes and homemade approach. My personality and delivery clicked particularly with the production industry because I realized how a warm cup of chicken soup and a homemade biscuit could keep spirits high when the crew is exhausted or shooting in the dead of Winter. I know I found the right path because while I am developing my own company into a booming business, I feel nothing but excitement for the challenge of keeping my food interesting. Inspiring those who I work with to be positive and always well-fed is my priority.

To me, food is an adventure, so let's travel together!

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About Alfonso's

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Alfonso’s Mission-Vision is to become the choice food provider in the country by creating beautiful moments in those special days that weave together food, ambience, and merriment. We also aim to push our team to innovate and excel in food preparation, innovation, and creation while fostering a creative and healthy working environment that inspires.

Building customer trust in the food industry requires time, effort, and great passion. For Alfonso’s, it began in 1988 with a humble pizza outlet in Makati. The experience gained during those early years paved the way for small time canteen operations and catering to small private functions. Gradually, service offerings expanded to cater to more elaborate events in and out of Metro Manila. This eventually led to the incorporation of Seafood Ventures Corporation, a company whose main focus is to provide catering services to private and public institutions around the country.

Mrs. Alice Patag, the hands-on CEO of the company, manages day-to-day operations and conducts quality inspections in catering functions. Her active involvement in all aspects of the business ensures that client needs and concerns are immediately addressed. She is ably supported by a seasoned pool of managers with the expertise to do what it takes to create truly memorable events. As the organization continues to grow, we equip employees with the necessary training that enables them not just to respond, but to anticipate our customers' needs.

Our seasoned chefs will help you create the best menu for your palette and for your budget. Having had more than 10 years of experience abroad and locally, they have gained expertise in an abundance of cuisines while continuing to innovate and create the best quality food for your event and for your guests.

To date, we have over 100 staff members that help us continue to grow and excel in food service and creation. We provide regular training to our staff in food safety and service to meet global standards.

We continuously strive to be one of the best and most accessible food caterers in the Philippines because we love food, we love people, and love creating moments

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