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Catering and Event Planning
Catering and Event Planning

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We at Alfonso's specialize in full time catering services in and outside Metro Manila, Philippines.We are currently based in Quezon City but we have traveled far and around the Luzon area, helping people create only the best memories on their special day.

It is a trusted name because of a simple recipe: service, presentation, and quality food. Fresh ingredients are used to create only the best flavors. Backed by our experienced staff, we aim to deliver only the most memorable experience for you and your guests.

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Services Offered

  1. Personal events budget friendly, simple to elaborate elegance, flavorful food, & satisfied guests
  2. Corporate catering events experienced in catering for 3000 packs. affordable & dependable.
  3. Packed meals & food-to-go our best food items, available for pick-up & delivery.
  4. Baked goods seasoned bakers stir up the best sweet concoctions. try our best selling yema cake
  5. Equipment rental tiffany & monobloc chairs, table cloth, plates & utensils, etc.
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Most Trusted Catering Company

Alfonso's Catering & Craft Services is proud to provide top-quality, affordable service to businesses big and small. At Alfonso's Catering & Craft Services, we want to see your business grow, and we want to grow with you. That is why we ensure that all our catering services are tailor made to suit your brand, business and vision. What sets Alfonso's Catering & Craft Services apart from other catering companies is our lasting relationships with our clients, our professionalism and our dedication to quality and consistency.

Quality Food and Service

At Alfonso's Catering & Craft Services, we are committed to delivering the highest quality of service to our clients. From the napkin on your lap, to the utensils on the table, to the cocktail in your glass, you can be sure that everything will be perfectly in place. Our ingredients are fresh and healthy and showcased in truly awe-inspiring ways. Anyone can make you a meal, but we will take you away on a fine dining journey!

Professional Servers and Bartenders

Our team is made up of a carefully selected group of passionate, hardworking, creative and talented individuals. Our chefs have the technical expertise and experience to execute any demand matched with the creative vision to take things to the next level!

Our servers are determined to creating an unforgettable experience for our you and your guests. They are experienced service industry workers with a passion for incredible food and an unwavering commitment to our clients. Do not hesitate to inform us of any dietary restrictions, allergies or specific food requests. We are happy to accommodate you in your needs. Choose from a selection of menus that we offer, or create a customized one. Whatever the decision, we are sure that your needs will be met.

Our bartenders and mixologists are passionate about creating handcrafted cocktails and selecting the right beer and wine for you. They are friendly, efficient and skilled at their craft. Each member of our team comes together to form a unique group of individuals whose strengths complement one another.

Venue Selection and Decor

If you are considering renting a venue, ask us about our relationships with local venues and banquets. We have many suggestions to offer. Whatever the budget, whatever the idea, we will be able to come up with a creative and unique solution to suit your needs. Our tasteful presentation and decor choice is meant to keep the spotlight on you and your brand.

Start Planning Your Catered Event

Don’t be shy, call us today and start planning the catering event of your dreams! Don’t be afraid to reference restaurant experiences and inspirations that you have in mind; we look forward to collaborating with you. Let us take you away on a journey of the senses!

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